How do I login to my library account?
Click the My Account link on the top right corner. Use your library card number and PIN to login. 
What is the Circulation Policy?
Patrons must present a valid library card to borrow items, access some databases, or to use computers. Staff will look up a patron's card number once a year with a valid photo identification card.

  • New Patrons are allowed to check out up to two (2) items at a time for the first 30 days.
  • After 30 days Adults and Juveniles are allowed up to 15 items in total.
  • Adults can check out only one (1) new DVD a total of five (5) DVDs in total.
  • Juveniles can check out only one (1) new DVD a total of three (3) DVDs in total.
  • Any patron who has a fine of $25 or more in balance will be suspended from the library services, including borrowing privileges, computer uses, and certain online databases.
  • Adults can check out five (5) audio books.
  • Juveniles can check out three (3) audio books.
  • All patrons can check out up to three (3) of any one issue of the magazines.
  • All patrons can only check out three (3) items of the same subject, series, or authors.
  • The Banning Library District is a fine-free library.
I don't remember my PIN
Your PIN or password is your last name. Please use all lowercase letters. If you are still having a hard time, please call us at (951) 849-3192. 
Are there late fees?
We are a fine-free library!

We do charge for items that are not returned. Replacement costs include the original price of the item and a $10 processing fee. Items not returned within 45 days after due date will be marked as "lost" and a replacement fee will be charged on the patron's account.


When are your story times?
We have our events posted on our calendar.
For children programs, please call our Children's Department at (
951) 849-3192 and ask for Darnise.
How do I know my child AR level?
For your child's reading level, please contact your child's school or teacher.
What is the 1k books program?
Numerous studies estimate that as many as one in five children have difficulties learning to read.  Reading has been associated as an early indicator of academic success.  Public formal education does not typically start until ages 5-6.  Before then, parents and caregivers are the first education providers during the 0-5 early critical years. The Banning Library District encourages you to join the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten challenge. 
When are Movie Nights?
Please contact Darnise for movie schedule at (951) 849-3192. 
Do you have AR books?
  • Yes, we have the reading levels posted on signs in the children's room.
  • Each reading level has a designated color dot.
  • The Books have color dots located on their spine. That represents the reading level.
  • Some BUSD schools are using the same "color dot" system, please double check to make sure what color dot the library uses vs the ones BUSD uses.


When are the Teens programs?
Events and activities can be found on our events calendar. Any further questions please call us at 951-849-3192 and ask for Elizabeth. 
When are Movie Nights?
Please check movie schedule on our events calendar. You may also call (951) 849-3192 and ask for Darnise for upcoming movies.
What help can you offer me in finding a job?
Check out our new database: JobsNow


What help can you offer me in finding a job?
Check out our new database: JobsNow
I want to learn how to use a computer?
  • We currently are not offering computer tutoring services, but our staff can assist with any computer help.
  • However, we do not fill any forms for you due to privacy reasons. You must bring someone to do that for you if you are unable to fill your forms out.


Events and Activites
The Banning Library District offers a variety programs for children, teens and adults. For a list of programs, please see our events calendar for more information.


Does the library have more than books?
In addition to books, we have DVDs, audio books, magazines, newspapers, online databases, and more.


  • The Banning Library District currently offers 10 public computers (9 Windows and 1 Mac) for 1 hour a session.
  • The Library staff can help you with basic navigation of the desktop screen.
  • However, we do not fill any forms for you due to privacy reasons. You must bring someone to do that for you if you are unable to fill your forms out.
  • The Banning Library District offers scanning services.
  • Scans go to the patron's email address.
  • Scans are $1 per page.
The Banning Library District offers free WiFi to all patrons, with or without a library card.
  • Printing services are 20¢ per page in black and white.
  • Printing services are 40¢ per page in color.
  • Computers are available for printing to patrons with a library card.
  • Patrons can also email us at faxscan@banninglibrarydistrict.org with instructions on how many copies and if the copies are in black and white or color. Documents will not be printed until the patron is at the circulation desk.
  • The Banning Library District offer faxing services for $1 per page.
  • You can purchase a cover sheet for $1 as well.
  • The Library does not receive faxing. Please do not ask someone to fax you something to the library. We will not receive it.

Local History

When is the History Room Open?
The History Room access is currently unavailable. Please call (951) 849-3192 for more information.
Can I use photos located on the Banning Libraries online archive?

Photographs are limited in their use and the Banning Library follows all state and federal guidelines regarding copyright. To use one of our photos located in our collection please contact us at (951) 849-3192. Photo use is subject to the approval of the Banning Library District Director.

For the use of photos that are not in the public domain, the researcher must seek the approval of the copy write holder indicated in our online archive. The Banning Library is not responsible for gathering copy write information for third party use.

Does Banning Library have information regarding Obituaries?
Obituary research requests are limited to those posted in the Banning Record Gazette newspaper. Any other obituary requests for other local newspapers cannot be done by the Banning Library. To request an obituary search of the Record Gazette, please provide: individual's name and date of death as well as your own name and contact information. A small fee is charged for copies provided by mail or email. Please allow upwards of 2 weeks for each request.
Does Banning Library have information on the St. Boniface Indian School?

Our records regarding St. Boniface materials are quite limited. Please allow for up to two weeks for a response regarding these inquiries.

Can Banning Library help me research a historic building?
If you are researching a historic building, please leave us the name of the business that was located in the building and the address of the location.
Does Banning Library offer any online historical information or programs?
Yes! Please see our YouTube channel for video documentaries and selected recorded oral history programs at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/


Friends of the Library

  • The Friends of the Banning Library take donations on Monday from 10am to 1pm.
  • The Friends of the Banning Library can offer a tax receipt for your donation, library staff can not.
  • The Friends of the Banning Library is a 501c3 and separate organization from library staff.
  • Membership fee is $15 per year.
When can I donate?
When can I meet with  Friends of Banning Library, or FOBL, at the Banning Library?

FOBL is at Banning Library on Mondays from 10am to noon.

How can people pay for membership or buy items from FOBL?

You may purchase a FOBL membership or pay for items for sale by FOBL at the Front Desk in the Library lobby.  We accept cash, checks, and credit or debit cards.

How can you contact FOBL?