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June 2021
Hello, fellow Friends of Banning Library.  

     We wish you well from the heart of Banning. It has been too long since we have seen you.

     First, we hope you enjoy FOBL’s new logo. It is the result of several years of discussion and the consideration of multiple concepts regarding the need for an updated logo. Please note that we are keeping FOBL’s original colors of yellow and blue, but the colors are now richer and more saturated.  We believe the logo represents the truly friendly nature of Friends of Banning Library.  

     FOBL’s new logo parallels Banning Library’s new look. The Library has been remodeling while closed to the Public, and work is still ongoing while the Library is now partially open. The new interior is streamlined, updated, and more spacious and feels perfectly right for the Library’s space. The Children’s Room is well worth stopping by to see for yourself how creative and stimulating the renovation is.  

     You may recall that FOBL was awarded a grant in 2020 by the Laura May Stewart Foundation to construct a Book Shed behind the Library. It now sits on the northwest corner of the parking lot. We are delighted with this option to store all the supplies and materials we use in our work on behalf of Banning Library’s programs, projects and smaller material needs. Thank you, Laura May Stewart Trustees!  

     FOBL also wishes to thank Sun Lakes Country Club Charitable Trust for their continued financial and moral support! We appreciate Sun Lakes Country Club Charitable Trust’s interest in the important work FOBL does for the Banning Library District and surrounding community and look forward to future collaborations.

Over the years, we have securely stored numerous books and items of value that we intend to sell both online and in person at Banning Library. You can see a few items and/or books for sale that sit in FOBL’s glass case in the Library lobby, and you can purchase any of these items at the Library desk. You may also leave requests for specific items you are seeking. Please remember that all proceeds from any sales go to support Banning Library and, therefore, Banning itself.   

     On that note, there is information included in this newsletter describing each of the projects and programs that are supported by the sale of donated items and books.  

     Finally, FOBL invites you to visit our new Facebook page at to see upcoming announcements, in addition to rare books and collectibles for sale.

     FOBL hopes to see you soon at Banning Library. Meanwhile, we will continue to support the Library and its good work and hope for your generous help doing so.  

With sincere regard, 
Supawan Bowden 
Tanya Marcarewich 
Linda Page
Gae Rusk

                                                                                                    Friends of Banning Library

21 W. Nicolet St.  foblLogo
Banning CA 92220
Non-Profit Tax ID #42-1727487


     The following list of projects and programs are how FOBL helps support Banning Library and the larger Community of Banning. Your donations to FOBL can be designated to help specific projects, or your donations can be designated to help as needed. Because FOBL is a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible. FOBL will provide tax paperwork to donors upon request.


-   Banning Library’s “Summer Reading Program”
Each year, Banning Library develops and runs a Summer Reading Program for children in our Community. The 2021 Summer Reading Program will be virtual activities with the Library. FOBL has helped fund this program in past years and is doing so once again.

-   FOBL’s annual “Essay Contest” 
FOBL is now developing our third essay contest open to every 9th - 12th grader in Banning. With each contest, FOBL creates a new challenge for Banning's young writers with truly amazing results. The winners receive cash prizes.

-   FOBL’s annual “Sandy-Hope Vet Tech Scholarship”
The Sandy-Hope Scholarship was developed by Brenda Salas-Freeman in memory of Gail Paperian, both former Banning Library Board Trustees. It is administered through FOBL and financially assists those interested in working with animals.

-   FOBL’s “Early Literacy Program”
FOBL has several early literacy programs, including “Baby’s First Library” board books given to all newborns at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, graduation gift books to Banning Head Start students, and donations to the Boys and Girls Club of Banning. In addition, FOBL plans to begin two new programs: 1) gifting books to children with life threatening illnesses, and 2) gifting books to young siblings of SGMH newborns.

-   FOBL’s “Jim and Eve Rusk Education Fund”
This is FOBL’s newest project. It was launched in 2020 by a family member of retired Banning Unified School District educators Jim and Eve Rusk, who have also been patrons of Banning Library since 1966. The purpose of this fund is to support special programs and events that are developed with Banning Library.

-   Banning Library’s “Oral History Program”
The Library's Oral History Department preserves rich memories and life stories of people in the San Gorgonio Pass. Using multimedia and traditional archival methods, Banning Library Historian Francisco Ramos also documents important places and events, both locally and in the larger Region. Completed film and audio interviews are now available online at

-   FOBL’s “General Operating Fund”
The General Operating Fund is the money FOBL uses to pay for materials, supplies, services, events, Library Staff support, fees and licenses, newsletters, and constant miscellaneous expenses. This General Operating Fund is how FOBL partners with Banning Library to accomplish its good work and enhance life and literacy in Banning.


·         Donations may be material, such as gifts of books, art work, film and photos, and/or vintage items.  

·         Or, donations may be financial, such as gifts of funds, cash, and/or estates.  

·         Or, you can donate a few hours of your time each week.

IMPORTANT: FOBL now accepts book donations on Monday mornings from 10 am until 1 pm.  
1.      If you have an extra-large donation of books, please contact us ahead of time so we can make arrangements with you and prepare a space. You may email FOBL at or call Banning Library and leave a message at 951-849-3192.

2.       If you wish to donate a family estate to FOBL please notify us at or email Library Historian Francisco Ramos at may also call Banning Library directly at 951-849-3192 to reach us or leave a message.  

      We will work with you on the transfer of your important gift. FOBL has accommodated important and valuable gifts in the past. You can find amazing collections in the Library that were donated by families in the area. We are truly grateful on behalf of Banning Library for these estate donations, and we especially welcome vintage and historical books and items.

                                                                                                    Friends of Banning Library
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Non-Profit Tax ID #42-1727487

IHearBooksBadge                                                                      MEMBERSHIP

To celebrate our cautious return to shared life, FOBL will give a one-time gift to new and renewing members with this fun and meaningful iron-on patch. Click this link to print out the form.

FYI: This patch is for sale in the Library lobby as an FOBL fundraiser.  

You have our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your continued interest in our work and support of all we do.
Linda G. Page
Treasurer, FOBL
Or you may pay by credit card at the Library’s front desk in the lobby.